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Shagreen French Art Deco Cigarette/Card Case in Sterling & Lizard

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Everything about this iconic Art Deco designed Cigarette (or Card) Case conveys luxury and high style!  The materials used are sterling silver, fine shagreen and lizard skin. Nothing could be more elegant than producing this case from your breast pocket or handbag and snapping it open  to take a single cigarette or calling card.




We feel certain this has been pictured in a book on Art Deco or a recent museum exhibition, and if you could have just one item to speak volumes about the era, this might be the perfect single thing. Of course it came from  a time when smoking was seen as a mark of sophistication and  “smoking accessories” were fashioned with real artistry.


The fan shape detail  (or “English Sunrise” as it is often called) is emblematic of all that is deco.


The materials are precious : Shagreen is the skin of a sting ray or shark. Its hardshelled stone-like surface a contrast to the soft lizard skin and gleaming silver. Think of this as a kind of personal jewelry or adornment…but one with a purpose!




4.75″ by 3.25″ closed, 9.5″ open

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