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1930s Art Deco Greyhound Desk Set • Signed "Grigio"

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There are many perfunctorily fine desk sets out there. But this is not one of them. Yes, this has a pen holder and will hold your pen. It also has two covered ink wells for holding two different colors of ink. But that’s where the finely tailored function ends and the mood elevating art begins. In fact, this beautiful set just may inspire you to put away the mouse and keyboard for a while and rediscover the fine and sadly almost extinct art of letter writing. If you lack inspiration, just look to the strolling greyhounds (one seems to be extolling the virtues of letter writing while the other listens attentively) for that creative boost. This beautiful “treasure-of-a-set” was artistically and lovingly constructed in the 1930s. The stately Greyhounds are made of polished aluminum while the ink wells are made of finely faceted crystal and fitted with polished aluminum tops as well as polished aluminum supports. Finally, the pen holder is also made of polished aluminum. Everything sits comfortably on a cream-colored marble base with polished aluminum disks for feet. This rare Art Deco desk set is signed “Grigio” on one of the dogs paws.




17-3/4″ Wide X 11″ Deep X 7-3/8″ Tall (highest point)

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