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Chrome Plated Elephants Bookends French Art Deco

Fun pair of Happy Elephants bookends. Rather...
Item #1861 Detail

Art Deco Bronze Statue, France 1930′s Classic reclining nude by Cipriani

Beautiful and large size Bronze by important Art...
Item #1711 Detail

Art Deco Statue of Venus in Marble by Marius Sain

This Art Deco statue of white marble carved by...
Item #1476 Detail

Wonderful French Bronze dancer by S. Bauer circa 1910s

This wonderful and sexy boudoir piece by Austrian...
Item #1456 Detail

D. Bacque heavy bronze statue of a playful girl

D. Bacque heavy bronze statue of a playful naked...
Item #567 Detail

Bronze Art Deco "Profile Feminine" by Italian artist Guido Cacciapuoti

This large impressive and very beautiful Art Deco...
Item #536 Detail
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